I’ll admit it.   When I first heard the warnings about bisphenol A I was rather nervous.  It is so prevalent in our culture that traces of it can be found in the urine of 6 year old children.  It’s in everything.  Thousands of studies have raised concerns, and the Chemical industry, which has the right to defend itself, has just TWO studies to say bisphenol A is OK.  Imagine my relief.

Glass is great, but can I put a glass bottle in my kid’s lunch box? (duh).   How can I travel with glass? Glass costs more to ship than plastics…. OK, I buy organic and get poisoned by the container? Am I stuck with plastics that leach this stuff?  Everywhere I turn, or so it seems, there is something else threatening my family’s health.

And that doesn’t even include the TV.
My business is in wellness, and the wellness company that is my vendor uses lots and lots of plastics.
I shouldn’t have worried at all.

You may indeed find wellness products cheaper than Shaklee. You will not find any better, nor that pay THIS MUCH ATTENTION to your safety and well being. They are literally looking under every rock and possibility to make sure that you and your family are never at any risk EVER.  That’s why I say to you:

ALWAYS K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simply Shaklee
No worries (about anything), just results.

This is from the Shaklee home office, in response to the concerns about Shaklee’s plastic use:

Is there any bisphenol A in the BestWater Perfect Pitcher?

There is no bisphenol A in the BestWater Perfect Pitcher, the dietary supplement bottles, or the Get Clean containers. None of these products are made from polycarbonate plastic, which is a type of hard plastic that may contain bisphenol A. The only Shaklee branded product made from polycarbonate is the Shaklee Naglene Water Bottle (http://www.shakleestyle.com).

However, there is no data whatsoever to suggest that the bottle leaches harmful levels of bisphenol, because rigorous (and expensive) NSF testing assures that the polycarbonate is of a very high, food quality plastic.

The bottom line is that there is no bisphenol A danger from ANY Shaklee product, and that they can be used with the utmost confidence in their safety, quality, and ability to provide true benefit to the consumer.

Hope this helps. As always, if you have other questions, please let us know. In the meantime, best wishes for health. Have a great day.

Keith Anderson
Shaklee Field Communications

If you have any questions, you can email Karen at:karen@womanwize.org

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