The Center for Disease Control released  today that there are 40 confirmed cases of Swine flu (H1N1) in the United States. So far travel to Mexico is not restricted.  The government released 25% of its stockpile of anti-viral drugs to be used in the case of an epidemic.  Just how worried should you be?  Is it time to panic?  Take drastic measures?

Fortunately, if you are following solid wellness principals and taking a good Shaklee program, you are reducing your
risk of infection.  This is one of those times that being proactive in your health gives you substantial protection.  Like I’ve said, viruses and bacteria don’t usually give us two weeks notice that they’re coming, but in this case they did!A strong and healthy immune system is more resistant.If you do get sick, your symptoms are not as severe, and your recovery is faster.Bottom line- prevention is key.

This new version of swine flu can be dangerous especially for people with respiratory illness or other underlying conditions. What makes this version of swine flu different is that it seems to have picked up genes  from  bird, swine, and human flu bugs. It’s a type of hybrid.  CDC officials are not yet sure if last year’s
flu vaccine will protect against this particular virus but feel that the anti-viral drugs Tamiflu and Relenza may be effective. Swine Flu symptoms are very similar to standard flu symptoms.  It takes a standard lab test to confirm Swine Flu (H1N1).

Prevention is still your best ally. A stronger body is more resistant, and a strong body can fight back more effectively if struck with the virus.

Here’s what to do:

1) Make sure that you are on the Shaklee RX for Life,including Nutriferon.This program has all the basic elements of good prevention. Vivix and Nutriferon both have immune strengthening properties. The protein in the Cinch program builds healthy immue cells too, and the caroto-E-Omega (CEO) helps keep the membranes inside your nose, mouth and eyes healthier and more resilient to viruses.   You save $93 each month on this program.Upgrade to
Gold Ambassador, and with 2 members of the family on the program, you will get a rebate of at least $50/month on top of the other savings. Being a Gold Ambassador, may make this tax deductible for you as well.

If you are absolutely strapped, or have a large family, make sure that you incorporate extra Formula I and Vita-C for your family.  Rx for Life is preferred, but Vita-lea, Formula I and Vita-C will give a measure of protection as well.

2) Have some Basic-G (Item 00525) in the house. Use it to wash door knobs, sanitize surfaces, and to kill pathogens in the laundry.It is safe around children and pets.Unlike many disinfectants, Basic- G is not flammable.
It is verified to kill some strains of the flu virus, salmonella and 38 other pathogens. Keep basic G wipes in your
car and purse for grocery carts and public bathrooms.Grocery cart handles are especially germy. Just 2 extra seconds to keep your family safe!

3) Get good exercise!Shoot for 10,000 steps a day.Exercise strengthens your immune system.

4) Drink 8 ounces of water.Your body uses water in part to flush out viruses and bacteria.

5) Increase your diet of raw fruits and vegetables.Spring and summer is the easiest time of year to do this- no excuses!If you can, grow some of your own.They will be more nutritious.

6) Be responsible.If you are feeling sick, stay home. Swine flu is contagious before you have symptoms. Basic hygiene helps too.  And while it’s tempting to go heavy on the hand sanitizer, remember that too much can be toxic especially for children.

7) Cut back on sugar.Sugar lowers your immunity by 30%!Use the savings on soda, candy, cookies and junk food for your Shaklee RX for Life.

8  ) Keep extra Nutriferon and Shaklee DR on hand. As soon as you start to feel sick, that’s when you start with the Shaklee DR.When we are sick, we triple the Nutriferon we are taking.My personal estimate is that we get well in 3 days instead of 7.

You may think these are expensive, but what is your life, or the life of your child worth? Cheaper brands will not give you the same results.We have the Landmark study on supplementation to prove it.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to strengthening your immune system, and lowering your risk of swine flu,  you will accomplish the following:

– reduce food cravings
– have better concentration– sleep better
– lower cholesterol and blood pressure
– lose weight
– have more energy and vitality
– see improvements in your skin

– lower risks of all diseases
– balance blood sugar
– fewer doctor’s appointments and medications

For more details on preventing the Swine Flu and other diseases, please tune into this weeks WomanWize and Friends Podcast: Friday May 1 2009 at Noon, Eastern Time.

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