Get Ready for Allergy Season

Category: Immune System Health

“Say ‘Good-bye’ to Flonase” by  Barbara Lagoni, Dr. Steve Chaney, PhD., & Hannah Sharapan Allergies can make you feel miserable.  There are real solutions that help with allergies now and […]

The Shaklee Difference

Category: Product Safety

What Shaklee does that, frankly, other companies don’t.  Any why. When you compare labels in the store, or online, many products look the same.  It takes a little digging  behind […]

Does Sensa Work?

Category: Healthy Eating

When it comes to evaluating nutrition and health ideas  I have a basic rule:   Does this new health tip allow someone to avoid the consequences of bad health decisions and […]

New Men’s Health Page Added!

Category: Living Younger

It’s well known that women are better consumers of health products and services than men.  Women live longer too. Guys, we want you to take care of yourselves!  To make […]