The Shaklee Difference

Category: Product Safety

What Shaklee does that, frankly, other companies don’t.  Any why. When you compare labels in the store, or online, many products look the same.  It takes a little digging  behind […]

Does Sensa Work?

Category: Healthy Eating

When it comes to evaluating nutrition and health ideas  I have a basic rule:   Does this new health tip allow someone to avoid the consequences of bad health decisions and […]

Disney Vitamins Safety Recall

Category: Children's Health

The makers of Disney/Marvel brand vitamins have paid over $2.1 million dollars in refunds because the products did not contain the nutrients on the labels. The products were manufactured by […]

bisphenol A Warning

Category: Product Safety

Glass is great, but can I put a glass bottle in my kid’s lunch box? (duh). How can I travel with glass? Glass costs more to ship than plastics…. OK, I buy organic and get poisoned by the container? Am I stuck with plastics that leach this stuff? Everywhere I turn, or so it seems, there is something else threatening my family’s health.