Diabetes has a New Face                                                        

Alzheimer’s disease is now being recognized not only as a deterioration of the brain, but as a problem of too little insulin, that then begins destroying brain cells.  In other words, Alzheimer’s may start with the blood sugar levels in your body, not in your brain.  Too few insulin receptors on your brain cells (neurons) and you can’t learn, or remember, and the cells die sooner.

Now that may sound techy, so let’s simplify it. Insulin is a hormone in your body. It signals to your cells that there is glucose (blood sugar) available to feed the cells.  Basically insulin says to your cells-“Dinner’s ready!  Come and get it!”, and attaches to the insulin receptors on the cell (think- door knob).  The insulin, grabs the “door knob”, the door to the cell opens and the cell then takes in the glucose and goes about its business well fed.

The problem is when you eat way too much sugar, refined carbohydrates, and white starchy stuff, you don’t exercise, or get enough lean protein, and your blood sugar remains high.  The door knobs start coming off of your cells.  Your cells don’t get the glucose.  Insulin, doing its job, starts making even more insulin in effect shouting- “HEY! Wake Up!  Open up!”.  Too much insulin and you crash.  Repeat this over time, and your pancreas figures that you aren’t cooperating, and now it won’t make any insulin.  Now your blood sugar is permanently high.

Welcome to Type 2 Diabetes, a serious disease that is a disease multiplier itself.  Diseases such as  heart disease, nerve damage, blindness, premature aging of your cells, increased cancer risk, and oh yes, it can progress to Type 3 Diabetes – Alzheimer’s.  Scientists are now studying the connection between insulin, memory, and brain health.

So here’s the good news – you can prevent Type 2 Diabetes, even if it runs in the family.  Your older relatives may have Alzheimer’s but you don’t have too.  And preventing all of this misery are relatively simple steps that can extend your life.

For starters, take a look at the Shaklee 180™program. Diets and calorie restriction alone are not enough to combat the co-factors in obesity and insulin resistance.   Shaklee 180™ is an  extraordinarily effective  lifestyle program. The products are certified GMO free, many are gluten free, safe enough for children to eat, and very good for Type 2 diabetics.   We’re talking about simple lifestyle changes and renewed health.

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