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Handful of Paper MoneyIn a recent poll, 59% of Americans feel that the country is on the wrong track, and that their children will be poorer than they are.  This number jumps to 87% for people who say they are Republicans.  While Washington D.C. is mired in gamesmanship and jockeying for power (not solving problems) you can put your life on the right track and maximize your personal and your family’s freedom. You can minimize the impact Congress has on your family.  You do not (and should not!) settle for a lesser future for your children.

Personal  freedom is far more than generating a large income.  It’s a series of lifestyle choices that increase your self-reliance and minimize the impact of local, state and federal governments on you and your family.  While not everyone will homeschool or start an urban homestead,  anyone can increase their health freedom and their financial freedom.   The more people that are healthy and financially secure the lower costs to our nation in terms of health care, retirement, and unemployment insurance. If you are generating a steady residual income threats to government pensions and other programs won’t be a threat to you or your family.

We don’t have to be at the “mercy” of the government!

 What are the benefits of a home business?

Market trends
Projected market trends – Source: Shaklee Corporation August, 2012

There is still opportunity to create your American dream.  The markets that Shaklee serves – wellness, weight lost, anti-aging, green, non-toxic, and home business, are all projected to grow by billions of dollars in the next 10 years, despite our economy!   How can you create financial stability for your family?

1)      Reduce your federal tax burden- legally  Despite the feeling among some that it is “patriotic” to pay taxes, our Founding Fathers thought otherwise!   Owning a home business is an excellent way that anyone can legally reduce their taxes.  Even renters, who do not get a home ownership deduction in the United States, can reduce their taxes with a home based business.  Spending is up in the Federal government, and higher taxes are here.  Still business owners have tax breaks available to them that employees do not have.  These tax breaks can be quite significant.  The tax advantages of a Shaklee-based home business alone are worth getting started.

2)      Eliminate your need for government pension and government medical subsidies in your golden years. In recent years we have seen how a volatile stock market can wreak havoc on the best retirement plans.  Gone are the days when we can create a nest egg with relative security.  Personally, I believe that it is imperative that we have an on going income stream, rather than rely on the baby boomer model of save it now, retire and spend it.    Too many people are dependent on Social Security and Medicare.  Both of those programs are underfunded or worse yet, bankrupt.  It’s no longer prudent to even include Medicare or Social Security as part of your retirement plans.  How much will you need to live on?  That is completely dependent on your needs and lifestyle choices.  We can create a plan for you that will give you a generous monthly income, and one that is relatively stable.  Shaklee Master Coordinators Al and Carol Hegerman have a Shaklee monthly on $100,000 per month.  Do you think they are concerned if Washington D.C. cuts Social Security or Medicare?  Another one of Shaklee’s Master Coordinators N. Cranney was earning over $300,000 annually at 103 years of age!  She was free of worry about government budget cuts- she didn’t need the government at all!

3)      Create a side gig could pay you more than your full gig  Whether  you are a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t want to work outside the home, a retiree, college student, or currently employed, generating an ongoing income stream with Shaklee makes tremendous personal business sense.  Proactively building an income of just $1,000 a month will protect your family in the event of layoff or unexpected life event.    Network marketing is a business system that allows everyday people to achieve extraordinary results.  By building networks of both customers and distributors, everyone doing a little, there is little risk, and great stability.  No one person is solely responsible for generating volume.  Our WomanWize Dream Plan  will show you exactly how that’s done.

4) A Shaklee business can be inherited by your children.  When you build a Shaklee-based home business, you are building something far greater than income alone.  You are providing a livelihood and an income stream for your heirs. The nature of our economy is in flux.  The demand for the types of products Shaklee markets and our business model is increasing in relevance.  This is a family business with longevity.

It’s been said that as little as $500 extra per month can keep a family financially solvent and protected against bankruptcy.  The average Shaklee Director earns over $800 per month.  That extra money can be used to pay down debt, take family vacations, or invest in other income streams.  What kind of difference would that make in your life?

We are building a community of freedom lovers that want to prosper, create stronger family bonds,  protect their family financially, and minimize government influence in their lives.  If you are interested in becoming debt free, and building with us. contact me.  Take a good look at our business model.  I look forward to speaking with you.


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