Chapped lips are the bane of winter. They hurt, they peel, and they look ugly.  No matter what climate you live in, winter is colder and drier. Indoor heat is drying too.  Colds and congestion increase mouth breathing (especially for some allergic people) and that compounds dry lips.

Unlike the rest of your skin your lips do not have their own oil glands or source of moisture. The waxes in some brands of lipsticks increase dryness- especially some of the wear-resistant formulas.  (Peeling lips can be a sign of an intolerance to a lipstick brand.  Try switching brands).

If your lips are dry, chances are the rest of your skin is dry too.  Here are some quick ideas to keep lips comfortable, soft and lovely:

1) Drink water! Caffeinated beverages are dehydrating. Cut back on them if you can.  Water helps increase natural moisture.  Staying properly hydrated also helps protect the cells in your mouth and nose from drying out and becoming more susceptible to to airborne viruses.  (tip for dry noses: saline solution found in drug stores and grocery stores help ease congestion and hydrate nasal passages without synthetic chemicals.  Great for children and babies, too).

2) Take your vitamins, particularly B-complex.  B-complex vitamins help your skin to increase it’s own natural oil production (even oily skin benefits from extra B-complex).

3) Don’t lick! When lips get dry, the temptation is to lick them to re-moisten them.  It just makes lips even drier!  Children really get chapped lips from this.

4) Painful cracks at the corner of your mouth? Could be several  culprits at work: harsh toothpaste, lack of b-vitamins, lack of proper hydration, and candida overgrowth.  Solutions include: drinking water, switching to an organic natural toothpaste, increasing b-vitamins, and adding probiotics to your diet.  If cracks in the
corner of your mouth persist, you may want to take a look at what your eating. Food sensitivities can increase mouth ulcers and cracks.

5) Increase the moisture in your home. When you turn on the heat or start up the fire place, make sure you turn on a humidifier too.

6) Shorter showers. Hot showers can dehydrate.  When you get out of the shower, while your skin is slightly damp, put on a good moisturizer.  For your lips, use your lip balm, essential oil or olive oil.  Baby oil is usually mineral oil based, and ironically, not very good for skin – it’s too heavy and it blocks pores.

7) Lip balm– usually the first remedy people reach for.  A good lip balm is oil, not wax based.  Waxes can dry out lips even further. Since lips need extra protection, choose a lip balm with at least an SPF 15.  I have used the Enfuselle Lip conditioning treatment for over 12 years. I love it. It has essential oils (borage seed oil) which
moisturizes and reduces inflammation.  It has Enfuselle’s patented anti-aging Vital Repair Plus to prevent those awful vertical lip lines.  As a bonus, Enfuselle Lip Conditioning treatment has lysine, an amino acid proven to reduce cold sores.  The Lip Treatment is very gentle.  I’ve even put it around my eyes for extra moisture and sunscreen protection.  I have a stick in my purse, my bathroom, and at my desk.

Shaklee Products I personally recommend:

B-complex– I love it. It’s my salvation against stress and dry skin

Enfuselle Conditioning Lip Treatment: GLA oil, borage seed oil, lysine, and SPF 15. Prevents lip lines, too.   Love it, love it, love it!

Optiflora – Pre-and probiotics. Come in the Vitalizer, too.

Enfuselle Shea Butter- rich, emollient, lightly scented, not greasy. Anti-aging Enfuselle, too.

Calming Complex– for really badly dry, chapped skin.  Can be used as a moisturizer for excessively oily skin.

Omegaguard, Carotomax and Premium GLA Plus–  Essential oils and anti-oxidants critically important for both internal skin (mucosal membranes) and external skin health.

Shaklee Dentifrice – Organic, gentle and clinically proven to clean plaque and tartar.  Safe enough for babies.

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