I don’t think that I can remember a time in history when there was so much discussion healthy kids(and heated debate) about health. The whole focus of the political debate has been on, not so much on real health, but on what happens after you get sick.

It’s the wrong discussion.

Let’s start with health. What does it really mean to be healthy? For years, the medical profession, and the general public, has defined health as “not sick” or merely the absence of disease. But is that all there is? Isn’t there more?

When you think about health, what comes to mind? What are “health symptoms”?

Let’s try these for starters:

1) Energy – Rest cycle is in balance. You wake up refreshed. You maintain good healthy energy throughout the day.  You sleep well at night.

2) Resist infections- if something is going around the office or the kids are sharing a bug, you probably won’t get it. If you do get sick, your symptoms are not as severe, it doesn’t last as
long, and you recover quickly.

3) Quick recovery from injuries. In some cases, recovery is 50% faster than expected. If you’re athletic, your rate of injury is less because your body is protected and nurtured.

4) Emotional balance. Thoughts and emotions have are significantly impacted by your biochemistry.  A healthy nourished body, a fit body, is more able to cope with the stresses of life.
You will be happier and have a positive out And that annoying neighbor won’t be so irritating.

5) Purpose and passion. Health often manifests itself as a clear purpose and vision for life.

Your health status is the engine of your life. As powerful as health is, we often take it for granted. Too many of us make healthy choices an afterthought. Like saving for retirement
in your twenties can make you a millionaire in your golden years, investing in your health now, before chronic disease strikes will pay you rich dividends in cost savings, vitality,
quality of life and longevity.

Choose to invest in your health.  Your life depends on it.


About the author: Karen Miner Hurd has questioned the status quo from an early age.  She and her husband Dale live in Virginia Beach, VA  with their children and  Bomber the Birthday Dog.  Karen dedicated herself to teaching others about health after her supplement program allowed her to be symptom and medication free despite 35 allergies.  Her doctor called her results a placebo affect, so she fired him.  She recommends Shaklee products exclusively. Contact her : karen@womanwize.org or by phone : 757-301-1855.  Visit her Shaklee site here.

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