A tutorial on how to use the YOUTH Advanced Anti-aging Skin Care

If you are new to a skin care system like YOUTH, you may feel like your bathroom counter is full of bottles! Which do you do first? It’s actually quite simple and takes only a couple of minutes, morning and night.

Before you start, take a before picture! Use natural light if possible. Even if you don’t publish it, you will love seeing the difference in your skin- and the before picture will help you see all of the great changes!

Eye Restoration Treatment
A.M. Mineral Defense Moisturizer
BB Cream – You can use this in place of the Mineral Defense Moisturizer if you’d like.

Cleanse – YOUTH cleanser can remove makeup. OR you can use Enfuselle Eye Makeup Remover
Eye Restoration Treatment
C+E Radiance
Night Moisturizer

My routine literally takes just a couple of minutes – maybe 3, and I use all of the products. When I’m tempted to head to bed without my evening routine I’m reminded of a friend who said, ” I love the results so much from YOUTH, that I make sure I use it twice a day – no matter how tired I am at night.”

This video tutorial includes some extra tips! Closed captioned.

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