“Mom, the way you talk, Shaklee is a miracle product!”  Lately my 11 year old daughter has been asking me why we use Shaklee, and why I’ve been in the business so long (guess someone’s been listening in on all those calls!).  She’s heard me tell my story hundreds of times about having my health restored from debilitating allergies.  

21 years ago this month, I became a Shaklee member.  When I joined,  I was only looking for a good B vitamin to help with carpal tunnel syndrome.  Since then I began a Shaklee business and “Shaklee-ized” my home.  In those 21 years I’ve seen all kinds of companies and products spring up and then disappear.  I’ve had people want to share their new business idea that will over take the wellness industry, and make more money than Shaklee.  I never believe a word of it. Some people think that it’s only because I’m a Shaklee Distributor that I use the products.  That may have been why I “Shaklee-ized”, but there is no way now I would use any other brand for any reason.  Frankly, the quality and the value is just not there in other brands the way it is in Shaklee products.

Longevity is something that is earned.  Shaklee’s longevity is based on a simple premise: live in harmony with nature, and and do everything with excellence. In a world of instant fame, and “instant success”,  and shortcuts, Shaklee’s dedication to providing only the finest, most efficacious, and objectively pure products, has resulted in many people like me, experiencing “miracles”. Everyday I’m glad that Shaklee came into my life.  My daughter’s right!



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