Do you ever think of your health as a foundation for freedom?    Disease prevention, vitality, and longevity mean a higher quality of life.  What would that look like for you?  More energy to be with your children, significantly lower medical costs, higher self-esteem and confidence.  Include your children and get healthier as a family.  When you’ve got good health and health freedom, meddling politicians will have less of an effect on your life!

Increasing personal health freedom:

1)    Get healthier!  Lose weight, exercise, get more sleep, buy locally grown or produced food, drink more water, and take Shaklee vitamins!  A researcher in Nova Scotia showed that for every $1 you spend to increase health and prevent disease, you save $28 dollars in long term health care costs.  That’s a tremendous return on investment! You can find more details here: The Ultimate Health Care Issue- You!

2)    Reduce stress as much as possible.  Chronic stress interferes with our relationships, sleep, increases weight gain, and can lead to more serious health issues and degenerative disease.  Reducing stress may be a simple as  watching less TV,  listening to peaceful music, going for a walk with your spouse, getting a massage once a month, being more organized (declutter!), getting and giving more hugs.  Multi-tasking can actually increase stress and it reduces productivity.  One thing at a time.

3)    Take Shaklee Vitalizer, or better yet, the new Lean and Healthy Kit!  In a Landmark study, the supplements in Shaklee’s Vitalizer were shown to reduce Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, elevated cholesterol, osteoporosis, lower blood pressure, reduce prescription drug use,  and even lower cancer risks.  What a tremendous benefit in personal health and quality of life.  Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett said that if every adult in the United States took Vitalizer, it would save the United States an average of $1 trillion dollars in health care costs.  Taking care of our personal health, increases our freedom and finances, as a nation! Shaklee even has a program with the Lean and Healthy kit that allows you to get one for free.

4)    Losing weight.  Losing even 15 pounds can make a radical difference in your overall health and add 5 years to your life.  Learn more about Shaklee’s new 180 program here.

5)    Clean up your home environment!  This includes your personal care items, too.  It’s been proven that changing brands to non-toxic cleaners reduces your family’s risk of cancer, asthma, and central nervous system disorders.   Many of our Shaklee clients also report a reduction of headaches and skin rashes when the switched to Shaklee. The Get Clean starter kit makes it easy to clean up your home environment.  As an added bonus- the Get Clean starter kit saves the average family $3,400 per year!

Building healthier habits and health freedom can be done one step and one day at a time.  As you grow toward a healthier life the benefits work together and compound in your favor.  The Shaklee Lean and Healthy kit (shameless plug) provides a simple structure to follow and the added incentive of getting it for free by inviting just 3 friends to join you on your journey to  increased health freedom.

If you want more information on a specific health topic go to  Better Health in 31 Days/WomanWize.   If you’d like to talk about the best way for you to begin a health freedom journey email me or give me a call 757-301-1855.

To Your Health Freedom!

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