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Health care is one of the primary issues in the 2008 presidential election.  The more the stock market goes haywire, the more people are frightened and want the government to step in.

According to the National Coalition on Health Care there are over 47 million Americans who are uninsured. Some of that is by choice – people who opted-out of their employer’s program because of the cost. Many of those are in the middle class. As insurance costs rise, employers cut back.  The cry for Uncle Sam to do something grows louder.

I’m not convinced that the government is the answer to anything. Why are we talking about the government spending MORE tax dollars on health care for disease management, instead of talking about the importance of individual responsibility for managing their own health?

Let’s take a look at some facts.  In October 2007, Nutrition Journal published a Landmark Study co-authored by the School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, CA and the Shaklee Corporation, that showed a marked reduction of major disease risk by those who used Shaklee supplements.  The Dietary Supplement Information Bureau (DSIB) has published other studies with similar results. Nutritionists, holistic health practitioners and even some traditionally trained (allopathic) health care professionals,  have been saying for YEARS that our disease rates are a result of our choices.

Here are just a few:

  • Approximately 70% of all cancer is preventable.  It doesn’t “just happen”.
  • High blood pressure can be managed naturally
  • Heart attack and heart disease is 100% diet and lifestyle related
  • Type 2 diabetes is a result of lifestyle and diet, genetics plays a very small role
  • Alzheimer’s can be prevented with diet, lifestyle and supplementation
  • Allergies can be managed with supplementation and lifestyle changes
  • ADD and ADHD can often be managed without drugs
  • Asthma is often a function of environment, e.g toxic chemicals in the home, and thus can be managed with lifestyle changes.
  • Depression and anxiety can be managed naturally in a many cases
  • Diseases brought on by obesity can be avoided completely by diet and lifestyle changes
  • Osteoporosis is a function of childhood nutrition, calcium intake and exercise.  It is preventable.
  • Many physicians consider stress a major factor in all diseases
  • Obesity is considered a disease and is completely preventable

What about diseases brought on by smoking, drug use and excessive alcohol use and multiple sex partners? Should those of us that don’t do those things pay for the choices of those who do?  Those are all optional behaviors!

Our family has chosen to invest about $1,000 dollars a month in our supplementation, fitness and food choices to prevent disease, improve the quality of our health, and extend our lives.   My family is highly allergic I have 35 recognized allergies, each of my children have over 20.  Yet none of us are on any maintenance drugs for our allergies and several of us have few symptoms.  We achieved this through our choice of supplements, using non-toxic cleaners, water and air purification.  When we started our wellness lifestyle each of us had a minimum of 3 maintenance prescriptions for our allergies and related conditions.  Our health care costs and prescription drug use have been radically reduced.

As a wellness educator and longevity coach, I have seen first hand, people drastically reduce their prescription drug use or eliminate it all together with natural approaches improving their quality of life, and eliminating many of their former medical costs. It can be done.

Of course there are those things that do require medical intervention, accidents and injuries, and other circumstances beyond our control.  There are people who, despite their best efforts still become chronically ill. I am not talking about the exceptions. There should be some form of medical insurance that is affordable as well, insurance.   But to talk about health care reform, without making the conversation central to individual choices in their lifestyle is absurd.

Is there any candidate running for office out there that has the guts and the integrity to say that many health care issues are not the government’s job, but the job of individuals?

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About the Author: Karen Miner Hurd is a certified Wellness Educator.  Her focus includes Longevity Coaching- helping people extend their lives with simple practical steps. She is passionate about the potential people have to control their health futures.  Karen offers individualized coaching and wellness profiles. She has partnered with the Shaklee Corporation for over 12 years  as an Independent Distributor.  Karen can be reached by email:  Follow her on, on Pownce as Longevity Coach.  Join her community on Facebook –

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