Dorothy 's Ruby Slipper from the Wizard of Oz In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is on a journey to find her way back home from the strange land called Oz.  Going home was her goal.  Going home was simple, she was told.  Just follow the Yellow Brick Road to Oz and find the Wizard. The Wizard will get you home.   On her journey she met several companions, each with a dream.   She ran into various obstacles, including the Wicked Witch- the ultimate dream stealer, and a Wizard full of promises, who was a fraud.

We all have people like that in our lives.  Start a new business, or set a goal for your health like weight loss, and out comes the negativity.  (Even from yourself!)

 When the Wizard’s balloon takes off without her, she’s crushed.  Another failure.  Another missed opportunity.  And in that moment,  home (Success) is both very close (she just needs that ONE thing), and it’s a million miles away.

(Have you ever felt like that?  Your dream could be in your grasp, and at the same time….)
Until the Good Witch of the North, Glinda, arrives on the scene and tells Dorothy that she always had the power to go home, the power to achieve her dream all along.
“But why didn’t you tell her before?” , asked the Scarecrow.
“Because she wouldn’t have believed me,” answers Glinda.
Dorothy needed to make the journey in order to be ready for the truth.
The truth?  Dorothy had everything she needed to complete her journey home.  It was always within her.  Now her desire was firm, she had been stretched beyond what she thought possible, and she had been challenged to take ownership of her choice. Now she was ready to click her ruby slippers and step into her dream.
What about you?  What talents, gifts, resources, dreams have you ignored because you believed they would never happen?
The Ruby Slippers are an emblem with The WomanWize Team, because they represent that truth: we bring to our businesses, everything we need to be successful.  We may need to develop our skills, be more resourceful, and like Dorothy, learn how to use our gifts and talents. We may have hidden our innate abilities  due to life or fear. But we possess them.   Now it’s time, like Dorothy, to embrace our dreams, skills, talents and use them to create a life that we will love and that reflects our identity.

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