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Regardless of your food source, organic raw local or grocery store, supplementation is no longer optional in the 21st century.  There is truly no way to meet your body’s high demand for nutrients through diet alone.  For example, you simply cannot eat the 3 1/2 cups of almonds every day just to meet the recommended minimum of 400 IU of vitamin E.

People often ask me, “What’s the ONE thing I should take for my immune system?”  That’s difficult to answer.  Our bodies were created as interdependent systems, not as isolated sets of parts. Your immune system is very complex.  Think of it as having many interdependent channels and switches.  What is the ONE switch or the ONE channel that is more important than the others?  While someone marketing the newest and greatest immune system product will say, “You just need THIS!”, the reality is a comprehensive approach is the best way.  If you focus on building your immune system, your overall health will increase.  That is the power of a comprehensive approach.

A better question might be, “What are my health goals?”

Start with the basics: sleep – at least 7-8 hours, hydration, exercise, and diet.  Supplement as a simple and convenient way to fill in nutrition gaps and to make sure you have optimum amounts of key essential nutrients.

Six Essential Supplements

In reality, your supplement program for your family will most likely be determined by your budget.  Our bodies require an array of essential nutrients  Shaklee’s supplements are highly bioavailable, tested for 350 contaminants, have live enzyme activity and are clinically tested for absorption. (See The Shaklee Difference)  I am a Shaklee distributor precisely because these are the only supplements that set such a high standard for purity and performance.

I strongly recommend that you build toward a 3 month supply for each member of your family, especially on the targeted immune system products.   If there is a wide spread epidemic of any kind or a panic, even the best supply chain could be challenged.  Worst case, you have some extra on hand that you use later.   In this post, I’m focusing on the very basic Shaklee supplements.  My family uses Shaklee’s premium products that includes Vitalizer and Vivix.   Shaklee membership is free with Vitalizer and if it is in your budget for your entire family, I would start with Vitalizer (which includes many of the supplements in this post) , Vivix and Energizing Soy Protein.

The Basic Foundation

  • Multi-Vitamin- Vita-Lea or Vita-Lea Gold  Shaklee’s budget- friendly Vita-lea is based on 7 clinical studies and  proven to promote immune system function and  bone health.  It is a bio-available balanced multi.  My preference is the Vita-Lea Gold because of the higher vitamin D and 50 mg of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) a powerful anti-oxidant. N-acetylcysteine is the precursor to glutathione, an important amino acid for immune health.  Menstruating women, and teenage boys and girls would need add Shaklee’s Iron+C if you choose the Vita-Lea Gold.  Vita-lea is a great starting point and is a good choice for making sure everyone in your family has a baseline of nutrition.  Click here for more information on the Vita-lea family.

Shaklee’s Vita-lea was the subject of a one year study on immunity in the elderly.  People who took Shaklee’s Vita-lea experienced 65% fewer days of illness in a year VS the group that took no supplements.  The control group had 30 days of illness over the year.  (Abstract re-published HERE)   This study was done years before Shaklee’s Landmark Study on supplementation.  Another study on immune system health and multivitamins can be found HERE

  • Incredivites – Shaklee’s Incredivites is a multivitamin for children that has Lactoferrin for improved immune support. No sugar or artificial flavors.
  • Vita-D3– As research increased the importance of Vitamin D in our diets, the daily minimum requirement has been revised upwards.  Vitamin D is important for bone health (part of your immune system factory), metabolism, brain function and anti-viral properties.  D3 is inexpensive and Shaklee’s D3 has been clinically tested for proven absorption.
  • Energizing Soy Protein – Soy Mix, Vanilla, or Chocolate – GMO free, water-washed  and cold processed to protect the powerful enzymes, amino acids, and isoflavones.   Shaklee blends ESP with calcium for good acid-alkaline balance.  ESP is about as close to eating raw food as you can get without eating raw.  It contains all nine essential amino acids.   Mix in smoothies or use as a base for protein “fudge”.

Instant soy mix has no carbohydrates and can be added to baked goods, soups, hot cereals to increase the protein content. Soy Mix can be added to smoothies.  Some use it to make their own soy milk.  It can be used by every member of the family.

Shaklee’s soy protein makes an excellent snack food and a supplement to breakfast.    Protein helps transport nutrients into the cells.  You will see several benefits in blood sugar, brain health, hair, skin, nails and PMS.   Shaklee soy is great for men too.  This is a must have product!

  • Vita-C  It’s common knowledge that vitamin C is effective for promoting immune system health.  Personally, I think the Shaklee’s product should be named “Vitamin C Complex” because it uses multiple forms of natural vitamin C including grapefruit oil.  The Shaklee difference is in the formulation and clinical testing for proven absorption and efficiency.   Shaklee’s Vita C maintains blood plasma levels of vitamin C for 24 hours after ingestion.
  • Zinc Complex– Extra zinc is a great choice for extra immune and thyroid support and growing teen boys.  It is involved in over 80 different enzymatic functions in your body.  Studies of shown that supplemental zinc reduces the duration and severity of colds.  15 mg of Zinc is already in the Vita-lea.  Extra zinc should not be more than 15mg per day unless your health care practitioner advises otherwise.
  • Probiotics – Shaklee’s Optiflora/Optiflora system –  One physician told me that good gut bacteria must be replenished daily because, ” they don’t have eternal life”.  Good gut balance is essential to overall health.   Antibiotics kill the good guys as well as the bad guys.   Unfortunately, in many probiotic products most of these bacteria do not survive the stomach acid to make it to your gut.  The product may say, “Live at time of manufacture” or “Live at time of shipment” which means that there is no guarantee that the product is live when you take it or that it survives your stomach.   Optiflora is patented and guaranteed to deliver live flora to your intestines.  This tiny pearl is very easy to take.  Increase its effectiveness by including the pre-biotic powder which acts as food for the bacteria and helps balance your gut.Listen to Dr. Frank Painter, D.C. on Digestive Health and it’s importance to your overall health  HERE

Building a strong immune system is a lifestyle, not a one-time shot.  It will pay tremendous dividends for you in improved health, less illness, more energy, better brain function, and a healthier weight.  Economically, it means less sick days and more productivity.  Healthy immunity improves your overall quality of life.

When I began my wellness journey 18 years ago, I had no idea how impactful it would be on my quality of life.  I will never go back to constant colds, flus, and stuffy noses.  If you have a specific question or would like some help on choosing a good supplement program for your family, feel free to contact me.

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