Pumpkin Pie Smoothee

Category: Healthy Eating

Fat Burning Pumpkin Pie Smoothee Just in time for Thanksgiving! This kind of pumpkin pie helps you build fat burning lean muscle.  Loaded with protein, fiber, and anti-aging anti-oxidants. Die […]

Yummy Recipes for Shaklee 180

Category: Recipes

If you’ve been on the Cinch plan a while you may need a little variety in your 2 Cinch meals a day. I’m a yogurt lover, but my 1 cup of yogurt everyday didn’t quite fit into my personal Cinch plan, and the 4 oz variety, was too little for me. These variations are good anytime!

Staying on Your Diet During a Plateau

Category: Weight Loss

The Good News About Weight Loss Plateaus    Tips on how to manage your diet when the scale won’t budge Reshaping your body, losing pounds and inches  takes some determination […]