Disney Vitamins Safety Recall

Category: Children's Health

The makers of Disney/Marvel brand vitamins have paid over $2.1 million dollars in refunds because the products did not contain the nutrients on the labels. The products were manufactured by […]

Keeping Weight Loss, Longevity and Health Simple.

Category: Living Younger

Science discusses everything in a microcosm, and you’re just trying to raise a family and do the best you can. Good news! The basic principals of health are unchanged. They have been verified by science numerous times. So you know that you’re on the right track.

Who is Responsible for Your Health Care?

Category: Medical Freedom

As a wellness educator and longevity coach, I have seen first hand, people drastically reduce their prescription drug use or eliminate it all together with natural approaches improving their quality of life, and eliminating many of their former medical costs. It can be done. Why are we talking about the government spending MORE tax dollars on health care for disease management, instead of talking about the importance of individual responsibility for managing their own health?

Five Secret Reasons You May Need More Vitamin C

Category: Vitamins & Herbs

In fact, some of these uses for the vitamin are just plain amazing. Yet you’ll seldom find vitamin C “prescribed” and, instead, are more likely to get drugs to treat maladies after they develop. And the odds are, your family doctor may be clueless about these ways vitamin C can help you.