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What Shaklee does that, frankly, other companies don’t.  Any why.

When you compare labels in the store, or online, many products look the same.  It takes a little digging  behind the scenes, to see  the differences in products.  Cindy Latham, Sr. VP New Product
Development, Shaklee Corporation on why Shaklee is different and some interesting statistics on the supplement industry.

1. Every single raw ingredient in every single Shaklee product is tested for 400 pesticides.

2. Even aerial contamination of plants in an organic farm is possible.–Testing is crucial.  Shaklee conducts over 83,000 tests annually on every ingredient and end product in its product line.

3. As a result of Shaklee science, Shaklee products perform differently. Their aim is to create BALANCE, to let the body naturally heal itself. By contrast, stimulation does not create balance. Example: Hormones.  — Shaklee is often asked why they don’’t produce hormones (e.g. melatonin, bio-identical hormones)  like other companies. Shaklee  philosophy, is that taking hormones is taking something the body naturally creates on its own. Supplying such a substance for the body can create a dependency, an addiction, as it were, in which the body stops doing its own job of producing the hormone for itself.

4. There is clinical documentation behind every single statement made by Shaklee. We have to, because we keep it on file to document for the FDA.

5. Bioavailability of Shaklee products is achieved by targeting the exact delivery point of a nutrient within the body. Research then validates its success.

6. Glucose Regulation Complex allows the cells to use the insulin already in the blood stream. Other products on the market for insulin resistance, cause more insulin to be produced by the body. This is exactly the WRONG thing to do.

7. May 2004 Consumer Reports has an article on the “Dirty Dozen” bad ingredients in nutritional supplements. Shaklee is the ONLY Company that has NEVER sold ANY of these ingredients.

8. Enfuselle now has 8 patents. It is conventional wisdom that we should not be able to improve sun damaged skin. Enfuselle has proven it can. See the UV photos in the catalog. As a result many major
pharmaceutical companies want to license Enfuselle. Shaklee will not, and will hold the patent for a very long time.

9. There is a huge, growing market for vitamins that will help us look better and that will slow aging, and that at the same time are safe and natural.

10. Our Vitamin C sustained release is in a natural gum base resin, not a synthetic plastic release system.

11. Our soy protein has 4 clinical studies. Proven low glycemic response. Perfectly balanced amino acids are in identical ratio to those found in the human body.

12. 1/2 of all men and 1/3 of all women will develop cancer in their lifetime.

13. Of 167 chemicals currently found in the average blood stream, 76 cause cancer in humans and animals.

14. In a given moment when a person stands on a street corner and breathes in the fumes from a passing bus, the amount of free radicals entering their body in that SINGLE MOMENT is more that a person 150 years
ago was exposed to in their ENTIRE LIFETIME.

15. FlavoMax and CarotoMax are our armor and shield to add to our basic foundation program for daily protection.  (Carotomax is also in the Vitalizer – one-half serving per day).  Example, blueberries are picked in Nova Scotia in August, the RIGHT TIME to maximize their anthocyanidin content. Likewise with each ingredient. Tomatoes picked in Israel—non-GMO and highest form of licopene content.

16. Antioxidant value tested against 7 competitors for the potent value of its flavinoids (includes Juice Plus). Shaklee far exceeded them all.


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